Fine Art Near Me

Looking for Fine Art Near Me in the Washington DC to Bethesda MD Area?

Welcome to Alexandra Squire Fine Art, a source for those seeking fine art near me in the Washington DC area. If you live in the area of Washington DC and Bethesda MD, then I invite you to stop by visit the studio. At Alexandra Squire Fine Art, my commitment starts and stops with the art, with each piece and each project. The result is beautiful, unique, and the finest possible abstract art for your home, office, or business.

If you are looking for fine art near me in the Washington DC area, please consider Alexandra Squire Fine Art. I strive to create pieces that embody feelings and emotions. Each painting is unique fine art that tells a story.


Contact Alexandra Squire Fine Art to discuss commissions and available paintings. I am happy to send an inventory list where you can see some of the most unique fine art near Washington DC.